Tomahawks for the Win

Tomahawks for the Win

March 01, 2021

Taking Tomahawk Steaks Higher


When meat lovers think of an impressive steak, they usually think of the tomahawk. Also referred to as a bone-in ribeye or chop, the tomahawk is a marbled, thick ribeye with a rib bone attached in a 'Frenched' cut style. With all these delicious attributes, it is no wonder the tomahawk holds a prominent place in steak lovers' hearts. 

Prepping your 'Hawk

As with most quality cuts, not much needs to be done to make these bad-to-the-bone steaks shine. Trimming any excess fat deposits along the outer edges might be preferred, although it's unnecessary to Bizzle your gristle if you don't mind a little extra flavor. These cuts are usually rich in flavor due to their being well-marbled.

Leaving the tomahawks to rest and warm up to room temperature is very helpful and recommended to ensure you get a nice, consistent cook throughout. Other than that, you can coat in oil (we like dark olive oil with a higher flash point), salt & pepper, and you're ready to cook!

Cook Outside!

These steaks are thick (usually at 2" thick or more), so you need to be prepared to cook them a little longer than your usual ribeye. To prepare your steak medium, on the Samson, we suggest positioning your broiler tray approximately 2" below the heating source and cooking 15-17 minutes per side.

Again, because of the size and mass of tomahawks, it's important to be as precise as possible in your cooking temperature and other variables to ensure you cook your food to your liking. We suggest using a meat thermometer and referring to a cooking chart to ensure you cook your 'hawk to perfection. We've included the cooking chart below just for Tomahawk lovers! 

 125° F / 51.6° C
Medium Rare
130° F / 54.4° C
140° F / 60° C
Well Done
160° F / 71° C


We'll see you outside! 




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