The Samson top-fired broiler is intended to meet the needs of those who love a great steak without having to go to a 5-star restaurant to get it. We realized there was a need for an outdoor cooking appliance that would allow anyone to enjoy a steak cooked in the same fashion as those served in top-tier steak houses around the world. From there, the Samson top-fired broiler was created by using state-of-the-art engineering and machining capabilities. Samson was created 100% in-house by our engineering and machining experts. While the idea was born around a great steak, the cooking possibilities are endless, and the taste is second to none. Using the latest American-made parts and high-grade stainless steel, the Samson top-fired broiler is built to last a lifetime and designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.


Construction that lasts a lifetime

We use the latest American Made parts and the highest quality 316L Stainless Steel. We chose to use 316L stainless steel because of its corrosion resistance. It is a Marine Grade steel that is made to withstand salty winds, humidity, and other weather elements we face on the gulf coast. We are one of the very few, if not the only company that sells outdoor cooking gear that uses 316L. Our product is built to last a lifetime without corrosion and is designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

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