The only outdoor broiler Jimmy Schwertner Uses

As a prolific cattleman and the former owner of legendary steakhouse Ruth's Chris, Jimmy Schwertner knows a thing or two about great steak. Jimmy only trusts the Samson Outdoor broiler with all of his outdoor cooking needs when preparing a quality cut of meat at his Austin, Texas home. One of the first to own the Samson 'Uno' - Jimmy fully endorses the full line of Samson Outdoor products.

sears in flavors for a wonderful & tender steak

James Brown is a Southeast Texas food legend. As a broadcaster with over 40 years of on-air experience, James' passion is cooking. That passion has been on display for decades on the regional television segment, 'Cooking with James Brown.' James has also published the cookbooks 'Reeling in the Recipes' and 'Simma' Down With James Brown'

James loves the Samson broiler because, as he puts is "The Samson top-fired broiler gives me that high temperature in just minutes, which sears in all the flavors and juices for a wonderful, tender steak."

Texas-style grilling tradition with new-age techniques

Cutter Brewer is the Executive Chef of Skillet & Flask Private Dining Service serving the Greater Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. He finished in the Top 4 on Season 5 of FOX TV Series ‘MasterChef’ starring Gordan Ramsay.

Cutter loves his Samson broiler because, "Samson Outdoor combines Texas-style grilling tradition with new-age techniques to consistently produce the best quality, best looking, most reliable top-fired grills on the market. They offer some of the best home outdoor kitchen grills built right here in Texas, USA! The product this grill puts out is restaurant-quality!"